All organizations have a culture.

Some are good some are bad.

Most… just happen.

It’s not intangible or fluffy, it’s not a vibe or the office decor. It is one of the most important drivers of long-term success. A thoughtfully and intentionally crafted culture is the foundation that underpins everything we do.


Our Values

What We Believe


What’s Right is More Important Than Who’s Right.

We have integrity and always uphold doing the right thing without ego. We don’t seek to take credit – we give it to others in order to elevate their efforts over our own.

We care about our impact on each other, on the communities in which we work and live, and on the world. We work with passion and meaning. We are intentional and resilient.

We Work With Purpose.

Do Something.

We are courageous in facing new challenges with urgency and a bias towards action. We feel empowered to take responsibility and make timely decisions. We celebrate our shared success.

We are constantly observing, experimenting and developing new ideas to discover opportunities for creating value. We are willing to disrupt the status quo. We relentlessly test our ideas in the market to inform our decisions with hard data.

We Are Always Innovating.

We Are Always Learning.

We are curious learners who continuously expand our competencies. We seek out new methodologies and techniques to share and integrate into our environment. We solicit and incorporate feedback. We are open-minded and willing to adapt.

Our Behaviors

How We Act


We share knowledge and work together at all levels. We respect each other’s ideas and help each other to grow.


We take ownership of our work, our actions, and our growth.


We share information honestly, transparently, and rapidly.

Our Environment

The Ecosystem that Supports Our Culture


We connect, and we make ourselves available to one another.


We are comfortable and effective in our space and in sharing our ideas.


Our values and work are visible to each other.