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Convey: Connections, Not Contacts. Convey is a connection management service that allows enterprises to fully capture and monetize the entire social graph of the enterprise in real-time. It has a consumer app that allows users to connect instantly with other individuals, replacing the business card with a truly digital and dynamic identity; a role-based connection service that allows enterprises to instantly and accurately connect customers, partners, suppliers, and all third-parties with the appropriate employee as roles change; and direct integrations into CRM, marketing automation, and corporate mail/messaging platforms.  Convey does all this within a paradigm that, for the first time, allows enterprises to embrace a “bring your own device” strategy.

Education Initiative

The market is demanding a new model for assessing growth, learning, and performance, in both work and school. Employers are actively seeking meaningful ways to promote the competency development of team members, and academic institutions wish to implement inquiry/problem-based learning (PBL) methods, proven effective for developing 21st century competencies, but are prevented by the lack of supporting assessment systems.

LaunchVector Education offers a SaaS-based platform that enables real-time, structured feedback into a persistent competency portfolio. Based on technology exclusively licensed from one of the nation’s leading medical schools, this system has produced some of the best doctors in the world for over a decade. This proven system is available to enterprises as a platform through which team members can advance their career and personal growth, and to schools for supporting 21st century cross-disciplinary, inquiry-based learning methods.